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Interesting Day at Rainbow Equine Hospital.

A clinic on MRI and the biomechanics and kinetherpeutic effects using Michel Valliant orthopaedic shoes.

Very intresting studying the MRI images for DDFT injuries, and the heeling process over the months, clearly seeing the distention of the naviular bursa and strain put on the the ligaments. Also see how the density of the bone changes over time and through injury, learning what is a normal change through work which is been done, and what is abnormal. Obversely i am no expert after a mornings cliinc but was good to see how the structures within the hoof capsule adapt to the work and forces that they are under. Somethng you can't see on radiographs the collateral ligaments thickening on the lateral side on a dressage horse, due to the foot sinking into the surface deeper on the lateral asspect, due to the horses biomechanics, land slightly lateral heel first in most horses or a horse been lunged and the pressure which is applied due to the constants working on a circle. Very Very interesting.....

As for the Michel Valliant Orthopaedic Shoes, I think a very good idea and the understanding of the biomechanics and force which the horse applies and engineering of these shoes is fantstic, but the consensus that I got from the clinic is that.......If a horse has a specific issue that needs treatment, then one of an array of shoes can be applied, which is all good as these shoes have had a lot of research behind them, and I understand the concept of been able to keep a constant in the treatment of all equines, my problem is on the actual application of the shoes.

I think the triming of the hoof plays a larger part the the application of a shoe, the medial/lateral balance and the anterior/posterior balance are crucial to acheive and maintain sound horses. Also there is the factor of the farriers interpretation of the fitting of the shoe.

In short if the foot isn't trimmed correctly then how can the shoe be applied correctly to acheive the desired goals?

I will be using these shoes and adaptations of them as the research behind them is great and had made me think for sure.......But I think I am one of those die hards that making shoes and mainatining my skill leavels.

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