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We provide a second to non, fully comprehensive mobile farrier service within our local area.  We offer a  friendly, efficient, reliable & professional farriery service for all your equine needs; from Shetlands to Shires (with the odd Donkey thrown in for good measure).

We specialise in competiton horses and therapeutic and remedial work, however, we are experienced in caring for all Horses, Ponies and Donkeys whom are shod or barefoot.

We also have a working Forge, this provides excellent facilities to have a more bespoke service with horse shoes made for individual equine needs.



It all started when I would watch and hold the nails for my Farrier & at the age of 13 I had decided that this was to be my chosen path. I spent many years trying to secure an apprentiship but it wasn't to be until I was 18 years old. I started my career with Graham Harland, he was from a family of Farriers, based near Harrogate, North Yorksire. UK.

Throughout my apprentiship, I worked along side a number of Farriers and Vets, sharpening my skills for the time when I would be a quailfied Farrier. I feel this part of my career was a fundamental time and without it, I dont think I would have progressed as far in the qualified world. 

Upon Qualifing with a Diploma of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, I set out on my journey, the following years we were busy developing the practice. I decided after 3 years or so, that we would start giving a liitle back to the industry that I'm so passionate about.  We deicide to become an ATF (Approved Training Farrier) being the first to do this in our area. 

Whilst going through this process of coaching and educating my Apprentices, I developed a passion for shoe making, so I turned my hand to a competing in Farrier competitons. In 2011 I was the captain for the winning British team at The British Team Championships, and reserve champions in 2012. In 2013 I decided to go for the England Farrier Team Trials and in 2014 I was a member of the International Farrier Team whom were crowned Champions in 2014/15.

2014 was quite a busy year for us, competing at the World Championship in Calgary, I have also travelled to, Itlay and France to coach a number of farriers over there.



Lookin forward, I am looking to my skills to the next level and with continued development will and can only enhance our every day work for all of our clients.  

Continuing to travel around the world to experience all types of Farriers skills, and mind expansion. This industry has gone full circle and now the science behind understanding such things as bio-mechanics and structural and tensile strenghts of hoof capsule under load and swing phases, but to name a few. This is going to be an exciting and educational time.



Silverback Chaps ltd


Bringing saftey and core sability to the farrier life, with no compermise of style and comfort

t:+44(0)1947 897164

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