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PRO SHOD FARRIER LTD is a family run professional farrier business based in Glaisdale, North Yorkshire...

We provide a second to non, fully comprehensive mobile farrier service within our local area.  We offer a  friendly, efficient, reliable & professional farriery service for all your equine needs; from Shetlands to Shires (with the odd Donkey thrown in for good measure).

We specialise in competiton horses, and therapeutic and remedial work, however, we are experienced in caring for all Horses, Ponies and Donkeys whom are shod or barefoot.

We also have a working Forge, this provides excellent facilities to have a more bespoke service with horse shoes made for individual equine needs.


Handmade shoes 


Here at Pro Shod we believe that, each and every horse is a individule, that is why we make most of our shoe to tailor your his or her ever needs.  Not only that, it also allows us to keep ahead in our industry and keeps the real tradition alive 

Correcctive & Remedial Farriery


We work closely with all the veternaians in our local area, and often ask to work other practicies which are further afield. We have an extensive knowledge in most problems relating lameness ( Laminitis, Tendons ligament injury, Hoof Cracks, arthritis, HPA Problems, ALD's, Keratoma & Conformation related issues).



 We believe that hoof care and management starts at home a good diet, which can be supplemented with product that a spacifically designed for the best hoof growth. It is also important to maintain good foot hygiene, between shoeing cycles, with a good Hoof Ointment, and Anti-bacterial dressing 2-3 times per week.

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